• Yvonne Yuen on the Four Seasons Private Jet in Austin Texas

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    Whether someone you trust mentioned my work or you discovered my name on one of my client's websites, I'm thrilled you're here. You're wondering if I'm the right person to help you grow your business, so let me tell you about myself.


    From writing speeches and press releases, to learning web design and project management, to running marketing campaigns for a global luxury hotel company, my life journey criss-crossing the world from Toronto to Europe to Cape May has prepared me to help you attain your goals.


    I love creative and strategic work equally. I am passionate about creating beautiful content that's driven by purpose, supported by data about ideal customers. That's why I stay away from formulaic marketing; I only offer custom tailored tactics, based on what works with your audience. I will tirelessly navigate trends and adapt your marketing to keep you ahead of your competitors.


    What I bring to you, along with my knowledge and experience, is pride in creativity, devotion to my clients, passion for excellence, thought-provoking ideas, and plain-spoken truth. These core principlesand a dogged amount of hard workhave always served me well in my career, and have led to some pinch-me milestones in my life (like leading the Four Seasons Private Jet social media campaign).


    I'm here to help your business reach the highest levels of potential. If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning for us. Now tell me about you.