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    Why hire a writer to design your website? Because content is what connects you to your audience, not code.


    We begin with a full analysis of your existing assets, then tailored recommendations from me, including hosting options. My design services include writing (and I write with SEO in mind, rather than SEO being an afterthought), photography, and even videography—all your digital needs are taken care of by me personally for brand cohesion and project management simplicity. Mobile optimization? Of course!

    website design cape may


    The small business website

    7 Mile Island Massage already had a pre-existing website hosted by Wordpress which was technically challenging for the owner to update. Built over ten years ago, it needed a visual makeover, content reorganization, and mobile optimization. Now the most important information is front and center, the website looks sleek, and works great on mobile.


    In celebration of 7 Mile Island Massage's milestone of 20 years in business, Caesura also created a new logo and refreshed the 7MIM social media channels. View the creative evolution of the logo here:

    website design cape may


    The DIY makeover

    Summer Salt had a DIY website on Wix. With a critical restaurant review on the horizon, the owners decided to invest in professional photography and web design. I kept them on Wix, a favorite of mine because of the excellent analytics capabilities. Our first shoot was on Monday. By Wednesday, I had made-over their site, and on Friday, they received their glowing restaurant review, which included a link to the website. Click into the DIY Case Study to see the before!


    Quote: "We have a beautiful, clear, and "summer-salt-esque" website up today - ready as people click the link from Craig's article! We can't tell you what a feeling of relief this gives us. And a feeling of legitimacy / pride, as we build this plane as we are flying it. THANK YOU! We really feel like you are on our team, and here for us. That means a lot, and gives us a sense of security and comfort."

    website design cape may

    Bed & Breakfast

    The travel website

    The Hugh Inn is a new bed and breakfast, plus restaurant, in Cape May. In a sea of sameness, The Hugh stands out with its bold personality: cool and fun, yet elegant at the same time. I met the owners and saw the property for the first time on June 1 for their first photoshoot. That was our only meeting. The website went live on June 14, right after it was presented to the owners. No edits.


    Quote: "Thank you to Yvonne Yuen for putting our site together. She captured what we've created at The Hugh brilliantly. We are beyond pleased."

    website design cape may


    The Shopify website

    Wayward Gardener already had a preexisting Shopify website which was generating revenue, but the bare bones website had much potential for an improved shopping experience. By maximising Shopify's built-in capabilities, and by expanding the navigation to funnel customers towards items of interest, the website is now a sophisticated and intuitive shopping experience with an inviting home page and customised check-out page.

    website design cape may


    The portfolio website

    Nikolas Pattantyus needed a website that would show off his stunning photography to maximum effect to his ever-growing audience. This site, coupled with a dynamic social media strategy, earned Nikolas Pattantyus Photography unprecedented traffic and purchase inquiries from new clients within the first 48 hours of going live.

    website design cape may

    Online Store

    The e-commerce website

    Millie and Junebug is a new photography and stationery company. While primarily a brick-and-mortar business, we decided an online presence is key to establishing the budding brand's identity. An online store was created to test a clientele beyond the local sales parameters. And yes! Millie and Junebug has since fulfilled both local and international online orders through this website.

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