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Two Key Marketing Tools

Two key marketing tools I'd bet you haven't been using


I would be glad to lose this bet, as it's super important for any business of any size to include these two tools in their marketing routine.

1. Google My Business
When someone Googles your business (and you've seen this before) a "knowledge panel" about your company pops up first in search results. While that knowledge panel will be a combination of details from third-party sites and crowd-sourced information, you do have some control, so it’s time to log in, optimise your listing, and promote your business! While you're in there, don't forget to address reviews.

2. Email Marketing
Social media enhances your brand, but email marketing closes the sale. Studies have shown that customers actually prefer receiving marketing emails rather than seeing ads in their social channels! Even if the idea of starting email marketing is daunting, do start collecting those email addresses now. Growing an email marketing list is a more effective approach than focusing on your social media following.

Key marketing tools