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Before Publishing on Shopify

Three things you forgot to do before publishing on Shopify

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Having a checklist ensures a smooth product launch. And while more seasoned Shopify users may be familiar with the full sequence of steps, here are three that are often missed by Shopify users, both new and experienced:

1. Customise those URLs
URLs can have a huge impact on your search ranking. Do not skip this step, especially if you're listing a product that is super searchable (for example, hand sanitizer right now!)
2. Optimise all images on your website
Reducing the size of your image files will impact the loading speed of your website, which also impacts your search ranking, not to mention customer experience. Take the time to make sure your images are sized properly, and to name your image files, which also helps with the SEO ranking of your site and product pages.
3. Conduct a content audit
Check your contact info; does the email form or the subscribe button work? When was the last time you tested the checkout process? Finally, click all your live links and make sure they're pointing traffic to the correct places.

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