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Digital Spring Cleaning

Five digital spring cleaning steps for future e-commerce success

· Shopify

Summer, is that you? Maybe not quite yet, but let's be ready! We're used to seasonal cleaning for our homes, but our digital lives need it too. Review, refresh, and improve your Shopify store now with the following five tips and sail into summer...

1. Update Your Photography
It's important for your website to feel branded and cohesive. Make sure your images have a unified look and feel. A plain background is best for product shots.
2. Improve Your SEO
SEO matters. Two simple ways to improve your SEO which anyone can do is (1) utilize your urls; and (2) name your image files.
3. Role Reversal
Pretend you're your own customer and look at your website critically: does it feel dated to you? Maybe it's time for a new theme. Check your contact info; does the email form or the subscribe button work? Click all your live links and make sure (1) they're not pointing to outdated or out-of-stock products, and (2) they're pointing traffic to the correct places. When was the last time you tested the checkout process completely?
4. Enhance Your Marketing
You've been meaning to do it forever: add a welcome campaign, integrate Instagram shopping, or start email marketing. Now is the time to begin, before the season gets too busy for projects.
5. Review Your Apps
If you rely on apps within your Shopify site, a regular audit is always a good idea. Remove the ones you no longer need. Research app updates and new releases for better solutions for your store.

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Shopify Spring Cleaning Tips