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Google Search Rank

How can I improve my Google search rank?


Page rank algorithms change constantly, but one thing remains the same: the key to coming up on top in search is GREAT content. And that, of course, is a loaded answer. What makes content great? For one thing, longer content (1,800 words at least) is preferred by Google. Content that has a lot of backlinks (other pages linking to yours) establishes authority and trust. How fresh your content is and how quickly your site loads will also affect your position in search results—besides being extremely important to your audience—so update your website regularly!

New to 2020 search engine trends is the optimization of content for voice search. Keyword stuffing was never a good idea anyway, but as consumers get more comfortable with voice search, you'll want to write your content to flow more naturally. For example, the title of this post could've been: "Best SEO tips" but this is probably not how someone would've asked Siri or Alexa for the information. By writing content that is a GREAT fit for search queries, you'll improve your ranking. As a writer first, it's super gratifying for me to know that writing still matters the most!

Google search rank